How my brain works...

The Digital World is Complex

With an ever-changing digital world, having a creative process can help get sh*t done. Everything is intangible, so it’s up to us to try to make everything as tangible and understanding as possible.

Design Thinking

My approach to problem solving

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a fantastic way to solve complex problems. For those of you not familiar with Design Thinking you can read more about it here. With design thinking you can come up with a great solution to a complex problem.

UI / UX Patterns

Empathy is the key for life, because it’s the path to understanding. Putting yourself in people’s shoes can really make you understand what’s going through their minds.


Very handful tools

UI / UX Patterns

Although design thinking is great, we really don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of useful and cool design patterns that I normally use for my work. Check some out.

When it comes to coding

Agile - Scrum

Agile is a cool methodology used by a lot of dev teams all over the world. If you haven’t heard of it I really recommend checking out this video, if you have, then you’re totally picturing the Post It’s on the task board right now.

Product Owner

Product Owner


  • Handles Communication with the customer
  • Prioritizes Backlog
  • Communicates with dev team
Scrum Master

Scrum Master


  • Helps Team Deliver
  • Identifies Hassles
  • Princess Leia (total badass)
Dev Team Members

Dev Team Members

Kim, Andy, Jane

  • Deliver a really good product
  • Order a bunch of food
  • Write awesome code
Scrum AgileScrum Agile

Understanding the customer

Inbound Marketing

Every designer and developer should learn about inbound marketing to really understand the client. If you don’t know what inbound marketing is read my medium article (2 min read) about it. With inbound in mind, you can help the marketing team optimize product performance, stats, and analysis. Cool, right?

Inbound Marketing

The art of delegation


A key thing of my creative process is to automate simple tasks so I can focus on the things that create the most value. If you want to check out some programs to automate processes go here.


Coming Soon

Data Analysis

Since I finished my business major, I’ve always had a passion for data. You can check out my paper on financial analysis on family companies in Colombia. I already learned Inbound Marketing to generate more data, now I want to take it up a notch and not only generate data but understand and interpret it. Coming Soon!

Data Analysis